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♪ good morning, america. this morning, election day 2012. it's your voice. and right now, it's your vote. the polls are open. >> are you fired up? are you fired up? are you fired up? >> overnight, the final push. >> i need your vote. i need your help. walk with me. walk together. tomorrow, we begin a new tomorrow. >> the race, tight as ever. the stakes, higher than ever. we're up close with both candidates. their last-minute sprints and late-night drama. big stars up the ante. >> it's crunch time now. >> please welcome the next president! >> now, decision day. who will be america's next president? "gma's" special coverage of
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election day 2012 starts right now! and good morning, america, to all of you in west. the polls are open right now in california, we are all at our abc election headquarters right here in times square. our whole team is going to be out in force all day, all night long as the votes come in. i know robin is watching at home. she's actually going to vote today. we welcome elizabeth vargas. >> thank you, we're all going to vote today. guess what the first votes are in in new hampshire, george, dixville notch, five votes for president obama. five votes for governor romney. that may be a harbinger for you all night long.
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>> it's been a deadlock all way. let's go to santa monica, california right now. polls are open, votes cast all across america right now. some americans voted before today. mitt romney is not going to stop campaigning. he is campaigning today in pennsylvania and ohio. he knows he needs to win one of those two states. >> trying to eke out every vote that he can. of course, we're not just watching the election polls today. we're also watching the weather. another huge story that's looming is that storm, a nor'easter that's brewing off the east coast. and sam, this would have a real impact for all the folks left without homes and electricity up and down the east coast. >> it was already bad news, elizabeth, with the nor'easter, and that means some people can account for not only a mix of icy snow, but a little accumulating snow. >> all right, sam. >> hit so hard here. our entire team has been on the campaign from the very start.
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today, it's "your voice your vote" for mitt romney, the campaigning is not over yet. he has a stop at both ohio and pennsylvania after voting from his home down belmont, massachusetts this among. that's where abc's david muir is right now. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, george, hard to believe that election day finally is here. but it is here. in belmont, massachusetts, governor romney and his wife ann coming here to vote this morning. they came back to new england to a massive homecoming the key four electoral votes. that's when their summer home is, they were embraced with the crowd and we were right there with them. just before midnight, mitt romney surrounded by thousands. capping a sprint to the finish overnight. he started in ohio, with a grand entrance. in a state where the stakes are outsized, too. shooting on my iphone, as the campaign plane pulled into columbus. >> we're going to do such an amazing thing on tuesday, aren't we? >> reporter: romney arguing he'll get started on day one. >> i'm not going to waste any
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time complaining about my predecessor. >> reporter: back to the plane. we're getting on the plane now to new hampshire the rally there right before midnight tonight. and while we were in the air with the governor, his interview on "monday night football." and a tough question. he's from michigan. but the governor is from massachusetts. lions or patriots? >> well, it is the new england patriots. and i take personal full responsibility for their two super bowl wins. >> reporter: 9:54, we landed in manchester, new hampshire, mitt and ann romney getting off the plane in a state where they have their summer home. waiting for them, thousands. kid rock. >> election eve. one more concert from kid rock for mitt romney. >> reporter: then their final pitch. >> i have loved hearing the voices of the women that i've heard all across the country. >> your votes and your work right here in new hampshire, will help me become the next president of the united states. >> reporter: after voting here
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this morning, the governor now heads out with two more quick trips. one to the key state of ohio. one to pennsylvania which they hope is now in play. they say the governor wants to thank supporters on the ground helping to get out to vote. elizabeth and george? >> they are happy to get the ads off of television. thanks so much, david. and the president was wrapping up his marathon campaigning with a star-studded rally last night in the crucial state of iowa where both governor romney and president obama has spent so much time. it was a dramatic finish to his bid for re-election. and abc's jake tapper joins us from chicago. you tell me the last couple days have been emotional ones for the president. >> reporter: they have, indeed, been emotional. i'm standing in the arena, where likely this evening, president obama will either declare victory or concede defeat. but it has been very emotional. president obama teared up yesterday seeing all these former aides and advisers, joining him on the trail for the last campaign swing. one adviser comparing it to the lost episode of a tv series, when all of the characters join for that show.
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that's not to say they feel this is the end. they feel optimistic. one senior adviser saying they feel a little bit of wind at their back. the president and first lady arrived in chicago at around 1:00 this morning. spending the night in their hyde park house. their return to the windy city caps a whirlwind final push on monday. it culminated in an emotional rally in front of 20,000 iowans, just a few yards away from his former campaign headquarters in 2007-2008. at one point, the president wiped a tear from his face. >> to all of you who lived and breathed the hard work of change, i want to thank you. >> reporter: less than an hour before, the president appeared during halftime on "monday night football." >> you don't go to any place where folks don't talk about some football. >> reporter: his final swing state swing started in wisconsin just before noon with the boss, bruce springsteen. ♪ let's vote for the man ♪ that got osama
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>> reporter: then, on to ohio. on air force one, around 1:30 or so, the president spoke with new jersey governor chris christie about hurricane sandy recovery. then, he handed the phone over to bruce springsteen. christie is a huge fan. >> it was great to talk to the president. and even better to talk to bruce. >> reporter: at 3:40 in columbus, ohio, the boss began and was soon joined by jay-z. then, the president was joined by the first lady for the final rally in des moines, iowa. >> i love you. let's go vote. >> reporter: and in addition, of course, to doing radio and tv interviews to get out the vote, president obama will play the traditional game of election day basketball. he always plays, george. it's become something of a superstition for the president. >> it sure has. jake, thanks very much. let's get more from matthew dowd. veteran of presidential campaign war rooms. and jake talked about the wind at the back of the president. our poll shows, ten days ago, coming out of the debates, mitt romney had a three-point lead over the president. over the last ten days, that's shifted. our final poll has the president
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at 50%, mitt romney, 47%. >> you and i talked a month ago that some unexpected event would have happened. and nobody would have known it would be a hurricane hitting the northeast to this country. i think where this race was and has been always close. it's had a slight electoral advantage for the president. but it's also had a slight popular vote advantage for mitt romney. that has changed in the last ten days, as you pointed out. it's gone from a slight electoral advantage for the president. but it's a national popular vote advantage for the president. in the course of this. a lot of votes still to be cast. but that's the shift that's happened. because of sandy and because of governor christie. >> let's look at the electoral college. you just mentioned how the night might play out. the first polls to close in the state of virginia. and that is a must-win state for governor romney right there. i want to put it in his column right there. but it's even not enough. he has to sweep the whole east coast, doesn't he, at the beginning of the night? florida, north carolina and new hampshire, as well? >> yeah, he's got to sweep all the states that touch the atlantic ocean really to have a chance in this race.
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and i think virginia will tell us a lot. it's going to tell us if this night ended early for mitt romney or if we're in for a long night. virginia will tell us that. >> that's right, but if he wins, he still has to do well in the midwest. win either ohio or wisconsin. if we give that to president obama, where he's ahead. he is just five votes short of the 270 electoral votes he needs. all that leaves is nevada, colorado or iowa. the president ahead or tied in all three of the states. >> that's the situation that mitt romney is in. it is, he's in a very narrow path to the electoral college victory. and exactly as you laid it out. it's as if he has to draw an inside straight in this campaign in order to win tonight. he has to do all those things and the path is still narrow to win this. >> matthew dowd, we'll see you tonight. >> all right, gentlemen. and this year, whether it's tweeting, facebooking or never mind e-mailing, social media has shaped this campaign like never before. it's a new frontier for both candidates. and voters and campaigns are able to reach each other through millions, each other, with the click of a mouse. josh is at the special big board
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with what everybody is searching for with the final campaigns want to leave us with. hey, josh. >> hey, elizabeth. you're right. google searches usually give us a less-varnished look of what people are hunting for before they vote today. as opposed to what perhaps they're telling pollsters or their families and friends. let's look at the most searched-for election-related trends here on google. not surprisingly, perhaps, the first, where do i vote? latest polls, perhaps. early voting results, perhaps to get a sense of where their candidate is going. the redskins rule. who is winning? not surprising either. but let's explain number four here. when the nfl team in washington wins its last home game before the election, the incumbent party usually stays in power come election day. for the record, washington actually dropped its last game, 21-13, to the carolina panthers. we'll see if that nuanced rule does, in fact, hold. we also want to take a look as voters were taking to the web, what they were seeing from their candidates. the final, personal push by candidates and their campaigns
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into the personal worlds of the twitter-verse. take a look here. michelle obama tweeting this, four more years. that was at a campaign stop in davenport, iowa. and this from garrett jackson, mitt romney's body man. ann romney talking to overflow crowds in fairfax, virginia. and another from his body man. eric draper, take a look. that's a grandpa hugging his grandson. so much more to see here on twitter. we'll be taking a look at it all morning, all day long here, george. >> that's a great shot. thank you. >> that was. >> that was fantastic. other photos coming in right now. vice president joe biden voting in the state of delaware. there he is, walking into the polling place with his wife, dr. jill biden. right behind him his son beau biden, attorney general of delaware. they are going to vote right now. delaware a safe state for the president and joe biden. they're go being to make up the majority of voters. both candidates campaigning hard
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for their support. let's look at their prospects with our team of powerhouse women. initial kol wallace nicole wallace, veteran of the bush campaign. donna brazile. who ran al gore's campaign, and cokie roberts. cokie, let me begin with you and put up other figures from our and "washington post" poll. it shows president obama leading among women, 53% to 45%. an eight-point lead right now. governor romney, winning with men. 50% to 45%. that is key. president obama's lead with women is bigger than governor romney's lead with women right now. >> that is key because there are more women voters. president obama won women by 13 points in 2008. and what we're going to be looking at tonight is married women. unmarried women are overwhelmingly for the president. 70% went for him last time. and it's running about 65% in the polls. but married women have not gone often the way married men have. they've gone off him, big-time. we need to know why that's true. whether it's an economic vote. married men and women are in the
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same place economically. or whether, for the first time, those social issues have mattered. they've never had the women's vote before. >> from the very beginning of this campaign, you heard democrats talk about the republican party's war on women. governor romney trying to turn that back to the economy. >> yeah, look, the romney campaign made a big bet. they made a bet that women in this election, more than ever, care more about the economy than any other issue. they care more about the economy than national security issues. social issues that the democrats talk about so much. and the democrats made the big bet. they put sandra fluke, a woman who went toe-to-toe with rush limbaugh and many feel she came out ahead on the issue of reproductive rights. so the romney campaign has actually seen their gender gap -- there's always a gender gap for republicans. but romney has actually shrunk that gap where he could come out on top tonight because of his success communicating with women who care about the economy and deeply dissatisfied with the pace of recovery.
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>> donna, one of the things we saw, that women voters fell off of the president after the first debate. but slowly built back in the intervening debates. >> george, one thing to remember is, in the last six elections, democrats are 6-0. we've won the women vote in every election. that makes democrats competitive. the first act of president obama's tenure was to sign the lilly ledbetter act. equal pay for women. it's about economic fairness. it's economic justice. women are voting for their paycheck, for their families. that's why this is an important day for women. >> thank you. we'll be checking with you all night long. >> thank you very much. >> so nice to hear it's an important day for women. thanks, ladies. it's not just the white house up for grabs. every house of representatives is up for election today and control of the u.s. senate is at stake. and abc's jon karl is on the other side of our election studio with more on that. hey, jon. >> reporter: good morning, elizabeth. the story as far as congress goes today, is control of the senate. let's look where things stand.
7:15 am
right now, the senate has 53 democrats, 47 republicans. today, at stake is one-third of the senate. 23 of those seats are democratic seats. only ten republicans are up for re-election. that's why this should look like a really good opportunity for republicans. there's a lot of targets of opportunity. i'm going to be watching three races early in the night that pose big problems for republicans. the first, massachusetts. scott brown, republican that won ted kennedy's seat. >> a very tight race now. >> very tight race, he is trailing badly going into election day against elizabeth warren. and indiana, a seat republicans have controlled for 36 years was to be safe. but richard mourdock, controversial comments on rape. he goes in trailing badly. and then missouri, which was to be the best opportunity for republicans to pick up a seat, todd akin again, comments about legitimate rape. >> you think claire mccaskill is hanging on? >> she is leading going into election day. what does it mean if they lose those seats? take a look. i'm going to try to show you the possibilities. if you look at it now, if they
7:16 am
lose those seats, they're also way behind in maine. this is all early in the night. the republicans would need a net gain of seven seats to get control. that means they have to win every competitive race in the country. and i don't hear republicans even think that's possible. >> all right. well, we'll be seeing if this develops throughout the day. thank you very much, jonathan karl. you can watch our team's coverage tonight, george stephanopoulos and diane sawyer here and our experts will be here, all night long. it could be a very long night. >> could be, right into the morning as well. >> and you'll be here tomorrow morning with all the results. be sure to tune in tonight starting at 7:00 p.m. eastern. now, let's go to josh elliott, who has made a nice entrance. thank you for getting here. >> indeed. >> with a look at the morning's headlines. we're going to begin actually with -- well, you can pick your expression. rubbing salt in the wound, adding insult to injury. we heard it at the top of the show. millions of people struggling to recover from hurricane sandy. some homeless, many without power, are now bracing for more damaging winds and rain and even
7:17 am
snow from a nor'easter barreling up the coast. sam will have that forecast in just moments. but first, alex perez is in staten island, new york, with a look at how people there are preparing. good morning, alex. >> reporter: hey, good morning, josh. take a look at this scene. this is what many people are waking up to in staten island. there are still more than 1.3 million people without power across the area here. fema has been on the ground, trying to help people, trying to make sure things are on their way to becoming back to normal. they've helped about 34,000 people get to hotels and motels across new york, new jersey and connecticut. but still, a long road ahead of recovery here. and of course, with this cold blast of air headed our way, many people are concerned. they have to find somewhere warm to go. and for a lot of people without power, that means they have nothing to keep them warm in their homes. authorities, of course, warning people, telling them to get to a shelter or somewhere warm. josh? >> if they possibly can. alex perez, in staten island.
7:18 am
we have breaking news out of north carolina. a reported explosion and fire at the durham regional hospital. one patient was killed in the blast, three others hurt. the fire is now out. there's no word on what caused it. and the major highway connecting southern california and las vegas has reopened after being closed monday because of the intense wildfire you see here, raging on both sides of interstate 15. crews battling to keep the flames away from nearby homes. they hope to have the fire fully contained by tonight. and finally, we want to say thank you to all of you who generously supported our day of giving for the victims of hurricane sandy monday. with your help, we raised nearly $17 million as of early this morning. and you can still donate. won't you, please? call 1-800-help-now, or go to red krauts
7:19 am
on behalf of all of us here at abc, we very, very much appreciate your giving. and again, for a look at the weather, the nor'easter up the coast, here's sam. >> when we see nor'easters, if there's snow, there needs to be cold air in place. and ladies and gentlemen, this morning, there's plenty of cold air. let's show you the shots from killington, vermont, where the air was so cold, and windchills in the teens and 20s, they've started making some snow. now, check out the windchills this morning. bradford, 19. new york at 27. saranac lake. so northern new york state, pennsylvania, teens and 20s for windchills. up comes the nor'easter. it pulls out of northern florida with rain during the day today. curves along the coastline. it's inland areas that will see the mix of snow and rain. the icy mixing, as well. the majority of the bad weather will probably be from wednesday into early thursday morning.
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coming up, we hear from the entire crew of that clipper ship, stuck in sandy. [ lisa ] my name's lisa, and chantix helped me quit.
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trouble voting or see problems call the abc7 news election hotline: stay with abc7 news for complete coverage. get real-time results at the moment the polls close and live updates all night long at abc7 news and through twitter. get the traffic from sue hall live right now. so far, moderate this morning maybe folks are taking extra time at the polls. live look at 80 westbound crowd nod major problems bay bridge back-up delayed earlier -- accident toll plaza out of lanes headed westbound metering lights on. traffic backing towards the maze. >> when we come back, meteorologist mike
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hazy picture from mount tamalpais as we look south towards san francisco, sutro tower in there now. fog-wise, 3/4 of a mile mainly around novato, san rafael, heading down 101 going to did pate over the next hour. temperatures above average 11° napa, 13 in livermore records will be set again today as we hit upper 70s to mid 80s around the bay mid 70s at the coast. cooling sea breeze hits the coast during the afternoon, spreading ofs into all of our neighborhoods, mainly in the 50s tonight. tomorrow cooler because of the sea breeze. thursday and friday temperatures from 20 to 30° cooler. a chance of thunderstorms thursday and friday, small hail. we night not make it out of 50s friday afternoon. -- we might not make it out of 50s friday afternoon. watch out for that frost saturday night into
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7:30 am
also, i would like to give a sincere thanks to president obama for how he handled the situation. [ laughter ] on election day, i'm voting for mitt romney. but if i had to have one guy that would have my back in a crisis, it would be barack obama. he's been amazing. you know, so kind. such a leader. a true inspiration. again, i'll be a good soldier. i'll vote for romney. but i'm going to hate it. >> oh, we saw that "saturday night live" skit earlier in the week. new jersey governor, chris christie, a little parody there. some republicans grumbling after his work with president obama. >> i know, there were all those little rumors flying around about -- anyway -- >> he was doing his job. all of the candidates, all year long, have been targets for the comedians. >> morning to everyone. robin home today, as you know, recovering. and elizabeth vargas here with us. it's a huge day for the entire country. we've been watching for months now.
7:31 am
you are looking right now, get this, these are voters lining up to vote in tents over rockaway park, new york. this is how people in the midst of a crisis are still exercising what is basically, not just a right, but a privilege to vote. >> in new york, the governor ordered that anyone affected could vote anywhere. >> so many people are displaced. in public schools. we have rescuers and first responders. how they will be able to vote. 24,000 people here from utility companies are not going to be able to vote in their home states because they're here. >> and new jersey voting by e-mail. and also another story this half hour. this death-defying rescue. the crew members of "the hms bounty." that is that tall ship that sunk during hurricane sandy. they're speaking out for the first time about the harrowing moments. >> that was unbelievable in the midst of the storm. speaking of harrowing moment, george, we showed you all. you did it, josh. you showed us the incredible collision caught on tape.
7:32 am
it's a plane. talk about a close call. now, we have the dramatic 911 call that reveals what really happened. we couldn't stop looking at that video yesterday. >> unbelievable. so lucky to get out of that. and for our viewers in the west right now where there are at least two battleground states in play. both colorado and nevada tight right now. abbie boudreau in california. >> reporter: good morning, george, i'm at santa monica city haul. take a look at the lines behind me. voters streaming in. a lot of energy in the air. and, of course, here in california, there's not a real mystery that the state is expected to vote democrat. but battleground states like colorado and nevada, those are key states in this election, and people will be keeping a close eye on those states throughout the day today. now, in the last election, those states voted democrat. this time around, it's expected to be a much tighter race.
7:33 am
that's why candidates are making a last-minute, final push to get as many people out to the polls as possible where every vote counts. george and elizabeth, back to you. >> thanks, abbie. elizabeth. now, to that abc news exclusive with the crew members of "the hms bounty." the ship that sank off the north carolina coast during hurricane sandy. the survives are now speaking out for the very first time time about their harrowing ordeal. and matt gutman joins us this morning. >> reporter: good morning, elizabeth. that's right, a terrifying ordeal. and some of the 14 survivors we met at this pier, where "the bounty" had been docked are still in shock. they abandoned ship in chaos. the ship, falling on its side, tossing many of them into the water. they say they wouldn't be alive today if it weren't for their team work and heroism of the coast guard. they were some of the enduring images of hurricane sandy.
7:34 am
the ship wrecked crew of "the bounty," poking their heads out of a life raft. the doomed ship, sinking. there must have been an element of fear when you thought, we have to leave this thing. >> i wasn't worried. >> i was never scared. >> reporter: and this morning, after a week of silence, the "hms bounty's" crew is speaking to abc news, talking about the first time about what happened that night, and the loss of their two crewmates, captain robin walbridge and claudene christian. >> a washing machine and an earthquake. while going down giant slides. >> reporter: it all began on october 25th, captain robin walbridge writing on facebook, with hurricane sandy on the move, a ship is safer at sea than at port. three days into the voyage, they found themselves in the middle of the storm. the seas heaving three stories high. >> the weather was so bad and we had so little control. >> reporter: winds shooting at
7:35 am
them at 70 miles per hour. >> it kept every ounce of my strength to focus through, to survive. >> reporter: and by the fourth day, the ship, constructed for the 1962 film "mutiny on the bounty" and featured in "pirates of the caribbean" had been taking on water for 24 hours. >> we had to determine a safe time when we knew that the ship would still be stable that we could get everyone on deck and change our focus from saving the ship to saving every life. >> reporter: was that a difficult decision to make? >> a very difficult decision to make. >> reporter: crew members had trained for this rough weather countless times. >> i had been through two hurricanes with robin on "the bounty." the ship was in great shape. we were literally going to be getting up and launching a life raft and she went over. >> reporter: as the ship began going under, the crew members put on these red survival suits,
7:36 am
designed to help them float. >> at that moment, i can't be sure that i knew who any of the red suits were around me. >> reporter: within hours, they began to hear the beating rotors of the coast guard helicopters. >> i think everybody in the life raft just started hooting and hollering. >> reporter: but they were far from safe. a coast guard swimmer surged towards them. >> he said, are you ready to get out of here "? we were about to say -- and the raft just, the pressure displaced. and knocked him pretty good. >> i say they came from the sky to save us. >> they were a hero. a bunch of people here helping me get into the life raft. >> reporter: john was one of the only survivors not in a raft. he swam to a floating beacon, the brainchild of their captain robin walbridge.
7:37 am
>> i give my life to robin, his ingenuity, his leadership that i'm here today. >> reporter: those pulled out alive, had no idea who else had survived. >> we got up there, everybody cheered each time we saw a new face come into the helicopter. >> reporter: but not everyone made it home. claudene christian was one of "the bounty's" newest crew members and already part of their family. >> she left her teddy bear at home because she didn't know if it would be safe for him to come with her on "the bounty." >> she was having the most fun ever on the best ride ever. she was so happy. >> reporter: christian's last text to her mother read, if i go down with the ship and the worst happens, just know that i'm truly, genuinely happy. the coast guard found her body just hours later, but couldn't revive her. the body of captain walbridge has not been recovered. and for the 14 who made it, survival is bittersweet. >> i'm going to miss them for the rest of my life. >> we all feel that way. >> reporter: today, they are mourning but grateful. >> you know, when you survive
7:38 am
death, when you -- when you've experienced that and pulled through it, there's nothing else like it. >> i'm never going to have a bad day again in my life. >> reporter: nearly all those survivors managed to stuff some sort of memento into those big, red gumby suits. doug font had this, mush, the bounty bear. but none of this stuff mattered at all. all they wanted was to see each other at the end of the day. the coast guard is investigating this. and the 14 survivors say they are all cooperating. elizabeth? >> all right. i'm never going to have a bad day for the rest of my life. >> powerful stuff. >> words to live by. let's check in with sam for the weather now. sam, what's up with that nor'easter? >> all day long, people are going to be focused on where the good weather is for voting. what does it look like in those key states. we'll start with florida. we have an area of low pressure that's driving through. that means there will be active thunderstorms. particularly the first of the day. as that low pulls away, that's the low that becomes our nor'easter, rolling up the coastline.
7:39 am
today, delivering thunderstorms in south georgia/north florida. the next couple of days, it rolls up the shoreline and brings the cold air and the wetness and the strong, gusty winds. to the eastern seaboard. here's a place where the temperatures are so great. dozens of record-high temperatures all over the west coast. you're slightly cooler today in l.a. but still 88 degrees, you're about 10 degrees warmer than you should be. albuquerque at 70 degrees. oklahoma city, at 70, as well. one of the most beautiful parts of the country today, has to be the west-southwest. >> all that weather was brought to you by cottonelle. >> all right, sam, thank you so much. coming up, that incredible collision caught on camera
7:40 am
between a small blaney and an suv. we have the dramatic 911 call. and a big day for the country. vote 2012. we have much more election coverage ahead. ♪ you've got to be kidding me. sweetie, help us settle this. i say this and this is called southern hospitality. well, i call it the clean getaway. [ scoffs ] you're both wrong. it's the freshy fresh. everyone knows that. i didn't know that. oh yeah, that's what they're saying now. [ female announcer ] nothing leaves you feeling cleaner and fresher than the cottonelle care routine. try them together. then name it on facebook. [ coughs ] [ baby crying ] ♪ [ male announcer ] robitussin® liquid formula soothes your throat on contact and the active ingredient relieves your cough. robitussin®. don't suffer the coughequences™.
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7:43 am
you can save even more money on your prescriptions. no arguments here. stop by for your free walgreens medicare review by december 7th right here at the corner of happy and healthy. back, now, with video that josh brought us yesterday. all of us shocked when we saw it. this is, i mean, insane. a plane colliding with an suv,
7:44 am
driving on a tarmac at a texas airport. now, just-released 911 call revealed what really happened in those harrowing few seconds. abc's rob nelson has the story. >> reporter: it was a routine landing that ended in a collision that no one saw coming. watch again as student pilot william davis tries to and what his single-engine plane on saturday in roanoke, texas, but clips this black suv. all of it taped by his wife. >> whatever that was that fell. >> that was the landing gary. you got hit by an airplane. >> reporter: you see here as the plane's fixed wheel hits the top of the car, nearly ripping off the roof. >> we couldn't see anything at all. and all of a sudden, equipment was falling into the car. >> reporter: airport manager glen hyde raced over to the plane moments after the crash. >> anybody hurt? >> yeah, he's hurt. >> okay. i got first aid, hop out. >> reporter: what witnesses say the video doesn't show, are these stop signs painted there on the roadway.
7:45 am
>> why did you pull out in front of an airplane? is what i want to know. >> we didn't pull out in front of an airplane! >> yes, you did! >> reporter: the signs are supposed to alert drivers to stop. but the driver of the suv missed them. >> i was shocked from the video that i saw. it looks like they just kept going. >> the video speaks for itself. they didn't stop at the stop painted on the road. >> reporter: this morning faa officials say they will examine if the private road is adequately marked and if the stop signs are clear enough to understand, in an attempt to avoid another close call like this one. for "good morning america," rob nelson, abc news, new york. >> horrifying. but again, nobody was hurt. all right, coming up, a special election "the play of the day." take a look. two little guys still just having some fun. until things get brazenly
7:46 am
political! >> brazenly political? >> brazenly. [ female announcer ] the simplest of grains we bring to you. just four ingredients is all we use from the seed, to the spoon. every flake, genuine, true. kellogg's. start simple. start right.
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7:50 am
♪ election "play of the day." love it. >> the trumpets ringing it in. it's election tuesday, after all. take a look. we have a bipartisan preschool to show you. kids getting competitive about the day. 4-year-old leslie, his 3-year-old brother, luke. take a listen. >> mitt romney wins. >> i'm mitt romney. >> no, no. you're president obama. and you didn't win. >> ooh. >> no. i win. >> i win. >> i win! >> i win! >> mitt romney wins. >> i win! >> i win. >> oh. >> oh, no. >> hopefully not a preview of things to come this evening.
7:51 am
remember abigail? it's almost over abi. take a look. >> just because -- i'm crying because i'm tired of barack obama and mitt romney. >> that's why you're crying? oh. it will be over soon, abi. okay? the election will be over soon. okay? >> okay. >> oh. i'm doing my own sleep study.
7:52 am
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7:56 am
good morning i'm eric thomas. it is election day voters in california are going to the polls which opened an hour ago. nor brown preparing to cast his ballot -- here his home oakland he's pushing for passage of prop 30 his tax initiative that will help fund education. he plans to rally supporters before head back to sacramento to watch election returns. if you have trouble voting or see problems, call the abc7 news election hotline: 877-222-7777. stay with abc7 news for complete election coverage and get real-time results at
7:57 am the moment the polls close. we'll have updates all night long. temperatures 11 to 13° warmer than average. good morning. record high temperatures possible like 81 in san safety looks like mid 70s along the coast -- upper 70s to mid 80s bay and inland, 20 to 30° cooler thursday and friday northbound 280 accident blocking lane of traffic southbound 280burgling game area accident blocking -- lane of traffic in cortamadera southbound 101 accident off to the shoulder. the news
7:58 am
"and what's your name?" "oh, it's flo." "and what do you do?" "oh, i sell insurance like no one else." "oh, that's nice." "thank you." now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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8:00 am
♪ i got a feeling [ cheers and applause ] ♪ and early crowds in times square, getting psyched for election day. got their vote buttons on right there. a big day for the country. a big day for all of us. the voting just starting right now. we're going to track it all day, all night long. so much at stake for so many today. going to cover it right up until the end. good morning, america. we all know that robin is going to vote today, as she recovers from her bone marrow transplant. great to have elizabeth vargas here. >> we're listening to tonight is going to be a good night. i think both candidates are hoping it will be a good night for them. and you're looking right now at people lining up to vote early this morning in arlington, virginia. polls open across the east coast already. polls opened at midnight in new
8:01 am
hampshire, where there was a first-ever tie vote, 5-5. this campaign has produced a lot of laughs. and so did comedians poking fun at all of the laughs. making even more laughs out of it. >> we'll look at that coming up. >> yeah. it's going to be great. also, ahead, lauren scruggs, remarkable recovery. you remember her? a brand-new picture of the girl who lost an arm and an eye when she walked into the moving propeller of a plane. speaking out, now, for the first time in a brand-new book. and we have it again. >> that's great news to hear from her. and also, we want you to look at these three women. different body shapes. all wearing the same style of dress. we'll introduce you to a new website that can make online shopping a cinch, even if you don't look like the model in the picture. >> and who does? >> right. exactly. what it does -- well, i'll share it with you coming up. >> okay. that's good. and you remember when oprah
8:02 am
sat right there, by the way, and made everything better on our broadcast. it's that time of year, now. and oprah's favorite things are right here. we have an exclusive sneak peek this morning. and if you're looking for gifts for friends or you just want to know what lady o. has to say, right here this morning. don't miss it. >> can't wait for those boxes to come up. first, the latest on election day. it is here. it's "your voice, your vote." we want to go to david muir. he's in belmont, massachusetts. that's where mitt romney is going to vote and then campaign. >> reporter: good morning again, george. as you know, governor romney and his wife ann voting here in their hometown of belmont, massachusetts just a short time ago. you can see the line of voters waiting to get in the polling station. they've been here since "good morning america" came on the morning this morning. one final rally in new hampshire where the romneys have their summer home. and this picture, governor romney embracing one of his
8:03 am
grandchildren. president obama and the first lady in des moines, i, was where they say this began for them. it was an emotional address. a "the new york times" reporter capturing this image with the tear streaming down his face. he went into that "are you fired up? ready to go." the obama campaign believes they have a little wind at their back as they approach election day. of course right here a razor thin race, it's up to those at home to deciding this. george, back to you. >> david, thank you. >> that political team is out across the country in the battleground states. abc's cecilia vega, in tampa, florida, right now. good morning. >> reporter: hey, george, the rain is starting ing tto come outside of tampa. this is a county where voters here voted for president obama back in 2008. today, though, all eyes are on
8:04 am
access to the polls. all weekend, we awe the voters waiting up to eight hours to cast an early ballot. the fbi is investigating after dozens of voters went out to voters, mainly republicans, questioning their eligibility to vote. also in the swing states of ohio and wisconsin we've got tensions brewing over some billboards that went alleging voter fraud. and now reports of phony phone calls. these are new reports that just came out over the evening. and other swing state phone calls that went out predominantly african-american voters, giving them fake information about the polls. a lot of this could extend past election day. >> and hurricane sandy, josh. >> yes, election officials in the storm zones making sure that the voters displaced by the hurricane are able to cast their ballots today.
8:05 am
portable polling booths have been set up inside tents. shuttle buses carrying voters to alternate sites. and people in the hardest-hit areas are being allowed to vote at any polling location in their state. some people in new jersey can also vote by e-mail. although, they have to send in a paper ballot as a backup because of security concerns. and this, as a new storm approaches, with the threat of bitter cold, heavy winds. more than 1 million homes, businesses still without power this morning. fema has already spent nearly $200 million on emergency housing assistance, including hotel rooms for some 34,000 people. but as you can see by these pictures, officials still need to find more long-term housing for so many victims of sandy. meanwhile, in other news, an important clue in the battle against alzheimer's. a new study finds that signs of the disease can be detected in the brain more than two decades before symptoms usually appear. doctors say that preventative drugs taken at that early stage could prove to be more
8:06 am
effective. a desperate scene to bring you off northern california. seven people, four of them children, tossed into the surf when their boat capsized. a rescue team managed to pull the victims to safety. but then realized two children were still trapped inside the cabin of the boat. they towed the boat to calmer waters so they could cut the hull open and free them. great news here. everyone is okay. you may remember a viral video we showed you a few weeks back. a woman in cleveland caught in a sting. she was in such a rush, she refused to wait behind a school bus. actually, as you can see there, drove up on the sidewalk to get around them. now, in addition to the fine she received after being pulled over for doing that, a judge is making her wear a sign that says, and i quote, only an idiot would drive on a sidewalk to avoid a school bus. is he has to wear it while
8:07 am
standing at that intersection for two hours next week. >> whoa. >> who can argue with such wisdom from that judge. >> shame justice. >> it is. well, no shame in these "pop news" stories. good morning, everybody. it is election day. so, we have a little political spin, starting at the top, with etsy, the online handmade market, is getting into the election spirit. here's a look at some of the incredible candidate-themed craft it's. first, those are baracas, so the president's supporters can shake what obama gave you. >> i like it. >> or this picture of the president, with a lion and a light saber, just in case you need. if you are leaning republican, there's an oven mitt romney. >> oven mitt! >> yeah. >> sam, you're easily impressed. >> or a portrait that the artist describes as bark obama and kit romney. all these available right now on etsy.
8:08 am
most polls show the presidential race is going down to the wire. david letterman and his team did a little polling of their own based on the handling of the hurricane. they asked who deserves to be running our country? 30% went to president barack obama. 30% went to governor mitt romney. and 40% went to handsome weatherman sam champion. >> hey. [ applause ] >> our sam. >> as sam champion would say, just saying. just saying. >> look at you. look at you. >> sam champion for president. >> just because sam was out of voting, it had no bearing. >> your fingers are so tired from dialing that phone. >> congratulations. your platform would be incredible. also in "pop news" today, it turns out our moms were on to something telling us not to slouch. you guys always make fun of me because i sit really straight.
8:09 am
according to a new study out of san francisco state university, slouching makes you sad. research shows a slouched body posture can lead to decreased energy and feelings of depression. and energy levels do increase by simply changing the body to an upright position. also, now known, slouching has been linked to career problems. reports say those who walk slouched are perceived as not being vital. i'm going to sound like a nag. but sit up straight, champion. >> no one can have the perfect -- >> i'm sam champion and i'm running for president. >> honestly. she is like upright, shoulders back, all the time. >> because i knew for all those years it was vital. i'm a very vital woman. and finally, the force may be with "star wars" fans who have dreamed of seeing han solo back in the millennium falcon. harrison ford who has never hidden his disdain for the beloved character, now really liked the role. now, he's okayed another installment with script approval. carrie fisher and mark hamill
8:10 am
have signed on for the project which is scheduled to hit the big screen in 2014. i'm excited. nobody else? don't know what chewbacca is doing in all of it. >> why didn't he like that role? >> he said it wasn't a role that really moved him. in fact, in "return of the jedi" his character was supposed to be killed off. and he was down with it. but he wasn't killed off because han solo was the most popular action figure. >> you bet. >> of all-time. >> can't kill off the moneymaker. >> i hate those billion-dollar iconic characters i have to play. let's get the weather from sam. >> folks shivering out here. a little chilly. we have a big birthday. and go ahead. you're leaving on a vacation. rub it in. where are you going? >> bahamas. >> can we all go to the bahamas? it's just a little chilly this morning. let's get to the boards. one or two things happening this morning. one of them is the big nor'easter. it leaves florida today. you saw in our live shots and the polling places, all of the rain that's already in north
8:11 am
florida and central florida. that will move up the coastline. we feel like this thing will hang off the shoreline a little bit. that puts a snowy band into it. it's wind, it's coastal surge, it's a little bit of coastal rain, as well. and it's got some snow mixed in. so, get prepared for that. stay up with your local abc stations. here comes the cooldown in the west coast, as well. those temperatures were dropping. it was the holdout for warm air. now, you're getting cooler temperatures. >> we are live in times square.
8:12 am
jordan has his hands up. wave. give a big wave. where are we going now? >> lara. >> going inside to lara. >> thank you, sam. and here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." the political punch lines that have kept us laughing right down to the final vote. plus, lauren scruggs. her remarkable recovery in her own words. and a new website that could finally have the answer to truly shopping your size. all that and more coming up on "good morning america," live in times square.
8:13 am
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it is 8:17. we're back, now, with a look at the political punch lines that have had all of us laughing this election season. this long, election season. there's been plenty to joke about during the campaign. so, did comedy change how we think about the candidates? abc's chris connelly gets serious about the jabs and the jokes. >> reporter: the tension of this election could wipe the smile off of anyone's face. well, except his. but america's comedy elite, the 1% of political humor, has kept its campaign promise, to keep laughing at everyone, all the way to the end. >> i'll be a good soldier. i'll vote for romney. but i'm going to hate it. >> this is not mitch romney's father's republican party. >> joe biden's been drinking robitussin again. >> if you have a single working-class female suburban undecided voter in your home,
8:18 am
cover her with plywood. >> it can be contentious on the late-night shows. some of their jokes can be sharp-edge. but for the most part, they're a breath of fresh air. >> reporter: the late-night skits and the sharp-edged gags can also reinforce even mold public perception of a candidate's personality or performance. >> governor romney has just said he killed osama bin laden. would you care to respond? >> no. you two go ahead. >> reporter: take "jimmy kimmel live," offering an off-the-wall appeal friday night from chris rock. >> in times like these, you need a white president you can trust. and that white president's name is barack obama. >> reporter: an "snl" sketch that didn't make air this weekend but now lives online. saw jay pharoah serve up an obama eager to please a swing state in the wake of hurricane sandy. >> i want to open up my support to each and every person who is
8:19 am
affected by this calamity. but most of all, to the people of ohio. >> reporter: also on "snl," jason sudeikis has been rocking his mitt romney impression in sketches all year long. ♪ poor people need a job >> they as need to take this time to reflect on the important employments in this election cycle. >> which do you think are important to focus on? >> the first of the three presidential debates. remember that? >> reporter: if many, this election has been exhausting. but for those in the comedy business, it's been one, glorious gold mine. >> this one has been like watching donald trump losing a hockey fight. i know it has to end. i just don't want it to. >> reporter: for "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. >> there have been some great moments. george and diane sawyer will anchor our election coverage all night, right through the final result. and we thank you for keeping us up to date. >> will you deliver punch lines? >> i don't know, he got all the
8:20 am
best ones in that piece. >> he sure does. we're going to look at brand-new pictures of lauren scruggs. she's inspired so many with her remarkable recovery after that propeller accident took her left arm and her left eye. and this morning, we're learning more about her comeback from her upcoming memoirs due out next week. abc's ryan owens has a preview. >> a girl walked into an airplane prop. i need an ambulance immediately. >> reporter: nearly a year after model and fashion blogger lauren scruggs walked off an airplane and into a spinning propellerle she says she still can't explain how it happened. the 24-year-old writes, i remember the sky was black. we were on the dark side of the plane. it was december 3rd, 2011. and after that split-second, i remember absolutely nothing. she'd been looking at christmas lights from the air north of dallas last year, when she got out of her friend's plane and inexplicably walked to the front of it. just days after the accident, her mother told "gma" about that harrowing night. >> i was able to hold her.
8:21 am
and it's the toughest part of it all. just seeing her laying there. and waiting for the help. >> reporter: she lost her left eye and part of her left arm. her memoir, due out next week, is called "still lolo." that's lauren's nickname and the name of her fashion blog. lauren focuses on her recovery, the awkward fitting and painting of her fake eye. her self-consciousness of her prosthetic arm which she recently showed off in a picture with her friend. she writes, i don't know why this is so hard, i said. soldiers are dying in afghanistan right now. and i'm too chicken to do this one thing. the former model believes her split second encounter with that propeller blade may have made her a better person. she writes, i came to see how there was so much more to my life than being worried about how i looked. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, dallas. >> looking forward to that. thanks, ryan. >> what a great perspective.
8:22 am
speaking about how you look, there's a revolutionary way to shop for clothing online. clothing that fits you to a tee. a new website called rent the runway is taking the guesswork out of how something will really fit out of the equation. it uses real photos of real women to show off the clothe. abc's linsey davis has the story. >> reporter: for nicole madison, what happened in vegas didn't exactly stay there. she was so happy with the way she looked in this dress she dubbed a show-stopper, she sent a picture of herself wearing it to the website where she got it. rent the runway is known for affording women the opportunity to rent designer clothing instead of buying it. >> i wanted other women my size and my height to see what i looked like in a dress. hopefully, it would inspire them. >> reporter: the founders of the website say customers like madison inspired them to try something new on for size. launching a new section of the site called where women can shop by looking
8:23 am
at photos of real women. >> we think that everyday women should look and feel like their own version of models. >> come to the site. enter your own height, your own weight, your chest size, and see thousands of women exactly like you and find the dress that you think will look the best on you. >> reporter: forget relying on flawless-looking, skinny models who don't have your curves or trouble spots. our runway is intended to help the skeptical shopper know the dress they love on a size 2 model will look just as good on them. and it takes being a size 8, 10 or 12 on real women. is this an antidote for women looking at online shopping, saying i don't know how this is going to look on me. >> we think the real question is, not, will the dress fit? it's will the dress look good on me? >> our business is having cinderella moments in fashion. this is the way to take the risk out of trying a new brand. >> reporter: more than 15,000 customers have posted pictures,
8:24 am
wanting to show off their shapes in their designer duds. the website doesn't make just the models but stylists. >> you can ask those women questions about how they accessorized the look, what color shoes they wore. if the dress really fit. >> reporter: just ask madison. she calls her beyonce dress. and it fit like a glove. >> i just felt so beautiful that night. and so glamorous. >> reporter: the most popular feature on the website is the compliment feature that allows you to like her look. while people are shopping online, they can take the time to post a comment about how great someone looks in a particular dress. the co-founders say it's very empowering and a self-esteem boost to their shoppers. and it helps shoppers to imagine how you would look in the dress. >> it's like stepping out of the dressing room and having ladies say you look good in that. it makes you buy it. let's bring in style expert l a
8:25 am
lesa. all different ages, shapes and sizes. and all wearing the same gorgeous dress. it fits all of you beautifully. you look beautiful. let's talk about our first model, alexandra. alexandra normally wears a size 0. what issues does she have when she's trying to shop online? >> she's barely 5'1." she has a lot of issues with length. she'll pick out a dress online and when it comes home, it's much longer on her than she would expect. and she was able to see it on women who are her same height and size. as you can see, it hits perfectly at the knee. for petite women is an important length. >> she didn't shorten this dress? >> no alterations in this dress whatsoever. anything longer than that would shorten her. but it gives her great length. and she looks fantastic. >> next, we have randee, a 30-something, and a size 4. more of an athletic build. she likes to emphasize her chest because she has a beautiful chest. >> she works hard for it. and she looks amazing. she typically wears a strapless dress. she would never think of a dress
8:26 am
like this. when she saw it on another woman with a similar body, she could see how important that low "v" does. it shows off her arms, and her chest. her favorite part about herself. >> and she's wearing a size 4? >> she's wearing a size 4. no alterations. that's how it fits. >> finally, we have tina in her 40s, with the classic hour glass shape. and most models don't have this kind of like voluptuous look which i happen to like. >> she loves her curves. she loves to show them off. one thing she learned from this dress was pleats can be her friend. she usually runs from pleats. but they look beautiful on her. >> ladies, you look beautiful. we'll have more from oprah's great favorite things, coming up in a moment.
8:27 am
good morning i'm kristen sze. it is election day voters in california going to the polls which opened this morning. governor brown met with supporters of prop 30 before he cast his ballot at fire station 6. he's pushing for passage of his tax initiative to help fund education. he held a rally a short time ago. he heads back to sacramento today. if you have trouble voting today or problem at your polling place call the abc7 news election hotline: 1-877-222-7777. stay with abc7 news for complete election coverage. get real-time results on the moment the polls close we'll have live updates at and through twitter.
8:28 am
right now let's see how your morning commute is going. we still have a couple hot spots north 280 on daly city area ask now cleared out of lanes to the pins hraerpler accident north 101 at peninsula avenue gone. very slow from san carlos northbound. north 280 jammed from 680 -- [ unintelligible ] hot forecast again if meteorologist mike
8:29 am
. >> most of us in the 50s and 60s now off to the races to near record high temperatures once again this afternoon. 11 to 13° above average record highs most likely around san jose, possibly concord and mountain view, mid 70s coast, 70s,
8:30 am
♪ crowd building here in times square for our election day coverage. the crossroads of america. we're going to have all of our coverage here tonight. josh will be out there in times square, as the crowd builds. >> in balmy 29-degree weather. >> that's so important. >> i'm so honored, george, to be a part of it all. i'm so honored to be, to freeze the ears off. it will be a historic night. i can't wait for it. >> it is a great place for it, too. in times square, you have all of the banners. a real exciting location. >> and sam's going to come down. >> yep. coming up in this half hour, we have an exclusive sneak peek at oprah's favorite things.
8:31 am
we'll reveal her top five favorites. all of them cost under $100. these always make my christmas list. or my personal i have to get it for myself list. and we'll see what made the cut. >> i took a peek. really nice stuff. i'm excited. and the workout, that has -- the hot way to whip yourself and your dog into shape together. cameron mathison and doggy friends hit the workout circuit. we'll get to witness it. >> he's doing all of the work. >> the dogs aren't doing the lifting. >> the dog was like, why are you planking? okay. we're excited this morning. jared martinez is here. he's got a brand-new baby, a brand-new book and a different life since that night. we're going to check in with
8:32 am
j.r. that > >> that's great. it's a wonderful thing to be part of the election. also part of the day of giving. millions raised by so many for hurricane sandy. the day-long event here. and what a day it turned out to be. what support, from all of you. look at the final tally. nearly $17 million. almost $17 million going right to the red cross. and right to the millions ravaged by that storm. an unprecedented response. and on behalf of everybody here at abc, we're so deeply thankful and grateful to all of you. thank you. you continue to vote. >> donate. >> you can still donate, as well. >> vote. >> a lot of voting today. it's a very, very, very busy day. for more on the busy day, let's get it to lara. >> you can also shop today.
8:33 am
vote, donate and shop. time for oprah's favorite things. an exclusive sneak peek of her top-five favorites, all of them under $100. the whole list is in "o," magazine. and it's oprah's favorite thing. the special will be on own november 18th. adam glassman is here, the director of "o," magazine. how long does it take? >> we've been working on this list since may. it takes many months. hundreds and hundreds of products. >> cureating, cultivating. >> we've been working on this for months. >> we have a clip of oprah. take a look. >> can i have all of these? >> i want to do a truffle extravaganza. >> the cheese is amazing. truffle butter. >> truffle honey is nice, too. she loved it. loved it.
8:34 am
>> these are all my favorite truffle books. >> now, we have to figure out which truffle items we're going to include. oprah wants to try everything. >> all things truffle, i could just lose my mind. >> i was just saying, what a cool job adam has. >> it's the best job. >> a great job. here's why. you get to try and share with us, things like this. number one, ready, gang? ta-da. >> very excited. this is a blue velvet cake. we've all heard of a red velvet cake. i commissioned a blue velvet one. great for hanukkah. only $34. >> is this -- we get a special discount. we can go to our website, to get the special discount codes. you might like this, if you're not into cake, how about? >> what's great about this, oprah did a movie called "the butler."
8:35 am
and she experimented for the first time with nail color. >> she picked these colors? >> curated by oprah. >> great gift idea. >> a great gift. >> i love that. love the color choices. all right. ready? ta-da. now, you're talking. >> you know what this is? >> let's get the party started. >> we love a gadget. oprah loves a gadget. you keep this in your freezer. and you pop it into -- >> it's an ice stick. >> that's fantastic. >> you keep it cool. and it's only $25. >> i love it. >> this is supercool. >> that's another great idea. with the discount, $25. we have the code. go to the website. i love this. sam, get in here. ta-da. >> ta-da. $31 only from bougainvillea. they reminded her of her trip to
8:36 am
india. they will update your outfit. >> they're heavy. they're beautiful. and isn't the cake good? i wanted that piece. thanks a lot. >> you can have a little bit. >> and you get a lot of bang for your buck with this bracelet. >> sam, just saying. all of these great gift ideas. >> for lara. >> for all of the people in your life. and the last oprah favorite thing under $100 is -- >> ooh. we're always entertaining during the holidays. this is the perfect hostess gift. and all of the truffles. you can put almonds, sauces. >> adam, thank you for sharing these. if you want to take part in oprah's favorite things, go to our website for the special discount codes, on yahoo! starts the holiday shopping. sam, put down the cake, now,
8:37 am
and do weather. >> we were so busy with pre-election coverage this morning i didn't get time for breakfast. thanks, oprah. now, my tongue is probably blue. let's get to the boards. here's the things going on this morning. i'm not going to show you the blue tongue. no, josh. we're not going to -- don't. here's what florida looks like this morning. a gorgeous shot. and north -- really? >> you took it from me. >> fine. a little shot of michigan. it really is good cake. and to the boards. this has been the last holdout of warm air on the board except for the deep south. now, we drop the temperatures. l.a. goes from 88 to 60 on thursday. reno, you're dropping into the 30s, as well. get used to the shot of cold air. now, we're shipping that season into the northeast and the mid-atlantic. we watch the nor'easter come up wednesday, to wednesday night, early thursday morning. probably the time periods we're most concerned about. the coastal surge and the gusty winds.
8:38 am
and the snowy line will bring some accumulating snow. >> all that weather was brought to you by target. josh? >> yes, sam. some cake issues? >> uh-huh. >> shocking. >> josh, take it away, please. we were so happy to have among the many stars pitching in yesterday, anna gasteyer, the hit of "suburgatory." i had a chance to talk to her about what her experience was with the hurricane that devastated her hometown. but also, that role on that smash sitcom. great to have you here. we had jane levy.
8:39 am
talked to her about it when the show was beginning. >> she plays the normal person. >> jeremy is her father. you are fair to say, one of the quirky neighbors. >> i'm the most normal person in the world. and my character's terribly judgemental about people who do not meet her standards. i'm the nightmare neighbor. >> i've been told by the davenports that amanda got her first period today. >> how different is it, from the days of "saturday night live"? the rollicking thrill ride of live comedy to shooting a half-hour. >> the writer and creator of "suburgatory" has a great sense of satire. and she has an eye for the wacky. i love the show. i think it balances -- it's my favorite kind of comedy. it balances a realism where the insane hilarity of "snl." >> and she wasn't uncomfortable
8:40 am
with him watching? >> they do -- >> get it stuck a little bit. >> and we all just kind of go for it. every week, we can't believe how crazy it gets. >> is it woven in? do you bring it to the set? >> very much so. chris parnell and i were on "saturday night live" together. people from "snl" have a mutant kind of speak. when amy poehler and maya rudolph and i had dinner, we were laughing. later, you realize you have webbed feet or something. it's this private, weird theme thing you have in common. >> you can check it out. "suburgatory" airs on abc, wednesday nights. check it out. >> thank you, josh. that will be a great show to watch. right now, we're going to a shot from belmont, massachusetts. the polling station there.
8:41 am
mitt romney is going there, undoubtedly to vote for himself. just a wild guess. seven years of work culminating and going to the polling booth this morning. and casting his vote for himself. he then has a long day of campaigning ahead. he decided to spend this election day on the road, going out to the last-minute votes. mitt romney going to the polling station in belmont, massachusetts. we'll be back with more on
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
now, to a brand-new trend in exercise that's giving downward dog a whole, new meaning. working out with your pooch is taking off right now. there's doggy boot camp, doggy yoga, and so much more. cameron mathison has all of the details. >> reporter: 6:00 a.m., while much of the nation is still in bed, a few brave souls are starting the day, boot camp style. some with two legs. and many with more. >> we have aggressive dogs. we have overweight dogs. we have little dogs. we have dogs with three legs. >> reporter: this is spank dog boot camp. a training program that's gone to the dogs. the nationwide program, with cities ranging from boston, to chicago, to l.a., provides one of a kind fitness training, allowing dogs and their owners to workout alongside each other
8:45 am
for an hour-long stretch. this is going to be my workout partner. i should mention that quinn is almost 70 years old in human years. together, quinn and i stretched. we flexed. i'm being humbled right now. sprinted. after an arduous hour, quinn was ready for more. and quinn wasn't the only one. dog owners we talk with swear by the program. >> i'm older than the average age. and i'm able to jog a couple laps around now. >> great to be outside in the park, rather than in the gym. your dog gets you up and ready to go. >> reporter: never will find a better workout partner, right? and at the break of dawn, if it's not your speed, there's other workout programs available. take yoga, for example. that's what insiders call doggy
8:46 am
yoga. let me tell you, this gives a new meaning to downward dog. >> the dogs can teach us a lot about yoga. dogs live in the moment. >> reporter: and dog owners we spoke with say they saw firsthand the positive effects yoga has on their four-legged friend. >> she's alone with me. i'm one-on-one. >> great for him to be with other dogs, be with me. and he usually falls asleep in the first 20 minutes. >> reporter: for animal lovers, working out with their furry companions is a win-win situation. and i have to agree, letting your fitness regime go to the dogs has everyone begs for more. for "good morning america," cameron mathison, abc news, los angeles. >> there's a dog love. the thank dog boot camp knows there's dog owners that want to work out with a dog but don't have one. if you don't have one, they will provide you with a dog. cue sam and the dog. >> we are not working out this
8:47 am
morning. >> guess what? that dog that cameron mathison was working out with, is a dog they provided. there's a thank dog app, lara, available. >> i have dogs. >> after you workout with your dog, be sure you take a shower. >> yeah. >> he's perfumed. >> does the dog know he's doing yoga? >> i don't think so. >> and rose is great. by the way, you can adopt rosie, i believe. >> no. rosie has an owner. right here. >> sorry. >> normally, we do. but this morning -- >> rosie wants out. >> rosie's like, i'm tired. >> rosie wants to do down dog. you know him from his winning turn on "dancing with the stars." what's next for j.r. martinez? he's live in our studio next. don't go away.
8:48 am
8:49 am
8:50 am
we're back, now, with one of our favorite champs from "dancing with the stars," j.r. martinez. he has a new memoir out. it's called "full of heart." it's great to have you here with us this morning. what moves you to tell your story? >> i learned that sharing my story helps a lot of people. i wanted to give more of the story to my audience. people see me smile and see me successful, and doing great things with my life. i want them to see the real journey. the full journey outside of my injury in iraq. it was about the pain and struggle and the obstacles that i faced in the times that i wanted to give up. but i found ways to believe and never quit. stay positive and be where i am today. >> the story begins with that woman right over there. your mom. you say it's as much her story as it is yours. >> it is. i think what's important is what she's been through in her life. and i saw that growing up, as her son. as a single mother, raising me
8:51 am
to be the man that i am today, she always found ways to smile. you know? and that, to me, that's where i get my smile from. you can tell. >> yes. >> you know, it -- she always smiles. and she taught me a lot about scars on the inside. you know, this book is important to be able to highlight her story, as well. >> but you talk about the first time you saw the scars on the outside. the first time you actually saw your face after the bombing in iraq. you said you looked like freddy krueger. >> yeah. that's a term that i use because growing up as a kid, that's kind of what i saw, the character that i saw. the character i was afraid of. and i thought to myself, now, kids will see me this way. adults will see me this way. i can't go to a convenient store and pick up a basic necessity, without dealing with stares. without answering the questions of what happened to me. and i felt like my life was over. >> but that wasn't your lowest point. >> it wasn't. honestly, my lowest point was a few years after that. once i got out of the hospital,
8:52 am
trying to become this motivational speaker. trying to figure out the path, my journey. there was a lot of anger. you know, there was a lot of frustration. a lot of things that i needed to work through. there were a lot of points when i thought, i'm going to give up. what am i going to do with my life? it's a true crossroads. seeing my face and my body for the first time was difficult. >> can you pinpoint a moment when it turned around and you started to back up? >> honestly, it -- i would say probably the biggest moment that really kind of changed me and kind of led me to be where i am today, is when i got an e-mail from a friend of mine to audition for the role on "all my children." i was kind of in a better place. and i was starting to figure things out. there's a lot of things i had to learn. when i got that e-mail to audition for the role, it kind of gave me a new sense of rejuvenation. and i thought to myself, okay. this is what i'm supposed to be doing.
8:53 am
when i got the role, it just really gave me that purpose and gave me the drive and the work that i needed. >> it is clear you're full of life right now. the book is called "full of heart." thank you for coming in. >> thank you. we'll be right back.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
that music means it's election day. stay with abc news all day long, as the historic election unfolds. diane sawyer and i anchor tonight. there's mitt romney. he just voted in belmont, massachusetts. you go vote, too. >> have a great day, everyone. 8p
8:57 am
8:58 am
good morning i'm kristen sze. it is election day polls have been open since 7:00 this morning. this is how it looked at within polling place in san francisco a record number of people are registered to vote so a large tornadout is expected. -- california voters are deciding the fate of 11 propositions and several local issues. if you have trouble voting or
8:59 am
any problems at your polling place call the abc7 news election hotline: stay with abc7 news for complete election coverage. get real-time results on abc7 news. the moment the polls close we'll have live updata9 on whether forecast, another hot one >> record high temperatures possible good morning. 11 to 13° warmer than average mid 70s coast upper 70s to mid 80s elsewhere. cooler tomorrow, thunderstorms possible thursday and friday, raw, brisk day nearly 20 to 30° cooler. power outage in the fremont area irvington area it may affect lights and polling places muni delay metro inbound at dubose due to earlier switching problem that has been

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